Covid - 19

The Safety and Wellbeing of our team and our guests visiting The Secret Garden is our upmost priority. As well as ensuring your drinks are well chilled, we are also ensuring we do everything we can to make your experience a safe one.

We ask that you follow the guidance given by our trained staff during your visit. They are here to welcome and look after you and are fully up to date as to the correct social distancing and Covid-19 procedures.

Our team are temperature checked prior to entering the building, during and at the end of their shifts. We may ask to take your temperature when entering The Secret Garden using a contactless digital thermometer. 

Our team wear surgical grade masks while preparing your drinks and regularly wash and sanitise their hands. They are fully stocked with the necessary PPE.

 Order & Pay from the safety and comfort of your seat using your smartphone. Receipts are emailed and your drinks will be delivered shortly afterwards. No need to get up!

By now, we are all aware of 'social distancing' so we ask that whenever possible, please distance yourself from others. 

The Luxury Domes

The Luxury Domes are classified as indoors. As such, they will be held to the same measures as indoor restaurant and bar space. We require all guests to depart their Dome Reservations at the confirmed departure time. This is critical as it allows us to fully sanatize and prepare for the next guests. 

Our Domes are made to the highest standards and are complete with windows for ventilation. Additionally, the door to each Dome may be open for extra ventilation. Domes have a maximum capacity of 6 people from 2 households (as of Nov. 6th 2020).